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When it comes to high-frequency trading servers, it’s imperative that the CPU is at the forefront of your mind. Tick-to-trade is one of the metrics that matter most when it comes to High-Frequency Trading servers. Latency is everything and CPU optimization, as well as the use of FPGAs, network cards, and network switches, is vital. Deployment site(s) of the server(s) matter too and the availability of CPUs in certain regions play a factor in this.

As Intel and AMD continue to push the boundaries, we have seen AMD play its cards in the next release war of CPUs. The high end of the Ryzen Zen4 line is impressive but Intel is about to show its cards. Intel reportedly will be breaking the 6Ghz benchmark with its upcoming Raptor Lake which will be announced within the coming weeks. 

In the midst of the upcoming CPU releases from Intel, now would be a good time to talk to us about your high-frequency trading server deployment.

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