About International Computer Concepts (ICC)

In a nutshell...

We help businesses and organizations thrive and flourish by providing enterprise IT hardware and solutions that empower them to reach new heights of profitability and prosperity!

…was that what you were looking for?

The “corporate” version

ICC specializes in developing enterprise IT hardware, solutions, and OEM appliances across a wide range of industries, verticals, and applications. With an extensive customer portfolio showcasing experience in a variety of environments, ICC has built a solid reputation for exceptional quality, value, support, and satisfaction over its multi-decade history as a front-runner in the technology vanguard. As one of the lead partners of industry giants such as Intel, AMD, and Supermicro, ICC is proud to be at the top of its industry.

Our capabilities

As a systems integrator (the technical term for our type of company), what EXACTLY do we offer?

  • Industry and class-leading manufacturing quality producing a wide range of hardware platforms including rack servers, workstations, high-density systems, full-rack cabinets, supercomputing clusters and more
  • Exceptional supply chain and channel partnerships, with exclusive early access channels to the newest innovative technology and consistent delivery of the best-quality systems
  • Quick turnaround times of 7-10 business days made possible by our efficient manufacturing process
  • Lifecycle support via dedicated engineering and technical teams with intimate knowledge and hands-on experience to help you troubleshoot issues in the rare case that they arise... as well as industry connections and informational resources second to none.
  • Added-value technology services including a proprietary account manager application with direct API access

Why ICC?

  1. We've been a major player in this industry since our founding in the early 1990s
  2. As one of Supermicro's first customers, we have a unique and exclusive partnership with one of the world's top server manufacturers.
  3. As an Intel Platinum Partner - a reseller program by invitation only, of which we are one of only around 350 companies out of 180,000+ in North America - we have access to proprietary training and technical information not available to other companies.
  4. We offer honest value backed by a solid track record
  5. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company become even more successful!

*If you are interested in working for ICC, please see our careers page about any current job openings.*