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AMD has just announced its new Zen 4 series of CPUs. They have announced 4 new CPUs which will be available from September 27th:  Ryzen 9 7950X, Ryzen 9 7900X, Ryzen 7 7700X, and Ryzen 5 7600X, all of which are all based on the AM5 Socket. 

The Ryzen 9 7950x is by far the most impressive CPU in this line and for most use cases we know today, places itself very high on the list of preferable CPUs. It is a simple CPU to overclock and it can be boosted to 5.7Ghz easily. There is some information going around, while unconfirmed, that it could even be possible to go 5.85Ghz but we’re relying on AMDs information and 5.7Ghz is incredible. 

The motherboards announced (X670/X670E) are on the higher end but AMD has confirmed the B650 and B650E motherboards which are more budget focused. The good news is that they are fully capable of overclocking, this is great for overclocking on a budget.  

With the AMD Expo technology, memory overclocking becomes even easier. 

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