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Massive Storage Solutions

Sometimes, size matters.

On the front end your company needs speed: ICC’s VEGA-series overclocked or massively parallel processing (MPP) solutions are ideal. On the back end, however, you need something less speedy and more substantial — a high-density storage solution that offers massive capacity without a huge footprint. We’ve got you covered.

Space and Energy Efficiency

Massive storage and increased rack space don’t often go hand in hand — you’re probably used to large-volume storage solutions that occupy an equally large physical space, making it difficult to manage server rooms and add new hardware. At ICC, we’re committed to developing high-density storage solutions that remain modular and efficient, meaning you get all the benefits of big data volume without increased power and cooling requirements.

The modular nature of our solutions also makes it feasible to use ICC storage systems for daily, routine tasks rather than creating separate environments for typical use data, big data and any other kind of data you generate. High capacity and performance combined with a space-saving form factor make our storage technology an ideal mix of both worlds, something you can use every day but that can scale up to meet your biggest storage demands.

Speed and Size

Of course, our massive storage solutions wouldn’t live up to the name if they couldn’t handle your biggest data sets. Anything from CRM data, ERP metrics or sets of unstructured data for analysis — everything can fit on our servers. And while they’re not overclocked like our high-performance VEGA series, that doesn’t mean they can’t keep up. Data remains easily and quickly accessible as needed, and all our storage solutions come with out-of-the-box security controls, meaning your data is safe from day one.

Scaling Up

Designing a storage system can be difficult, especially as the need to save every byte of data — structured, unstructured, customer-generated and company-owned — becomes the norm rather than the exception. Many companies find themselves with a room full of servers each holding a different storage load and placing a drain on power, cooling and compute resources. IT professionals are frustrated because adding new hardware is a nightmare, while users can’t get the data they need when they need it.

We can help. It starts with a massive storage solution that lets you migrate existing data and add new data sets on demand. What’s more, ICC’s high-density systems let you scale up by reducing your physical footprint while simultaneously increasing how much data you can store — adding new racks becomes less a high-stakes game of Tetris and more a simple matter of positioning hardware for maximum cooling efficacy.

At ICC, we’re committed to delivering the best massive, modular storage solutions at a price that won’t break your budget. Contact one of our experts today for a free consultation and let our experience work for you — we can help make sure your biggest data sets are secure, easily accessible, and energy efficient.

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