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Intel last week intensified the battle with AMD once again with the release of its Raptor Lake CPUs. 

Below is a graphic from Intel detailing the various 13th Generation i9 CPU specifications:

Intel Raptor Lake

Intel is coming straight at AMD with a record-breaking 5.8Ghz CPU which sets a record for general desktop deployments. Intel also announced that a 6Ghz model will come later in the year. 

With every release, use case dependency is important. The consistent thing is the good news that DDR5 memory is supported and the costs for DDR5 memory are becoming more and more favorable. This is good news for all use cases. 

Compared to its own Alder Lake, Intel has gained a 15% performance gain at the single thread level and over 40% more for multi-threading performance. Intel was quick to note some pricing will be raised for some models due to economic factors.

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