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In a stimulating opinion piece written for insideHPC, Dr. Bill Feiereisen of Lockheed-Martin’s HPC team describes what he believes high-performance computing will look like in 10 years. It’s definitely worth a read.

His contention is that HPC will continue to grow especially due to professionals who don’t even know they are using HPC. Examples he gives are architects who may one day hire a company to model the structural integrity of their CAD designs with the use of HPC computing, and doctors who may in the future reference an HPC-powered database of human genomes to help find the best treatments for their patients.

These tasks require computers with much higher performance than are available today. But they will arrive one day, and they will change the way humans live and work without most people being even aware of how advanced HPC would have become, Dr. Feiereisen argues. Then again, isn’t that how most people go about using computers today as well?