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FAQ about AMD GPUs

Which is the best AMD 6000 series GPU?

Based on current reviews and 3DMark Graphics scores, the 6900 XT is the best AMD 6000 series graphics card.

What was the release date of AMD Zen 3 based processors?

Zen 3 CPUs were launched on November 5th 2020

What are the AMD GPU high performance settings?

Inside of your AMD Radeon settings, you can select a “High Performance” graphics setting under the Power and Graphics global settings. The performance is especially good for higher-end requirements and games that are on the newer source and gaming engines.

Is GPU scaling needed on my AMD GPU?

GPU scaling gives you the option to adjust the aspect ratio based on your current resolution. AMD does this without pixelating the picture for you.

Which use cases are AMD GPUs best for?
  • Threadripper has particular use cases and so do some other elements of the Radeon portfolio. We must first split apart consumer graphics and professional graphics to talk about use cases.  In a professional setting, 3D Work, machine learning, AI, subatomic physic experiments, near-final screen rendering, complex modeling, computer-based dynamics, are all common use cases we can help with.
  • In consumer graphics, we look at the AMD GPUs as extremely good for gaming and energy consumption. More and more cryptocurrency and mining setups are used by the consumer cards of AMD.