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On June 23, AMD launched their new series of processors: Opteron 4100. These processors are targeted to entry-level buyers and offer CPUs starting at $99 each (the cheapest model for orders of 1,000 or more).

The  Opteron 4100 processors are called the “Lisbon” series and are part of the “San Marino” platform that will continue at least through 2011 (if you are confused about AMD processor naming, see this useful illustrated article).

The new processors are similar to both the more-powerful Opteron 6100 processors that launched a few months ago and to the older generation of Opterons as well.

The major improvements over the older processors that the new Opteron 4100s offer (aside from affordability) are a new CPU socket (C32) which will be compatible with the upcoming AMD Fusion processors, an ugrade to DDR3 RAM over DDR2 RAM, and improvements that increase the efficiency and decrease the power consumption of the processors.

I will write more about the new processors as reviews and comparisons come out, and we are working on adding these products to the ICC online catalog.

Please comment and let us know if you are planning to use the Opteron 4100 processors for any new systems and in general your thoughts on them.