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Power Hungry CPUs and “Phantom” Throttling Featuring the 10980XE

Today, I would like to talk about power hungry CPUs and "phantom" throttling, featuring 10980XE. Intel’s 10980XE can require more than 500+W to reliably run at overclock speeds surpassing ~4.7GHz. In our testing we found an issue that was more difficult to spot with...

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ICC COVID-19 Response

To maximize the containment of COVID-19, the state of Illinois has issued a state-wide “stay at home” order as of Saturday, March 21, 2020. While the evolving COVID-19 situation has presented new challenges, ICC is well prepared to continue to respond with the best...

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The Super-binned 9990XE Perfectly Illustrates Current and Future Issues with Power Draw and Cooling

The 9990XE made headlines in April of this year for being an Auction-Only part as well as Intel's fastest most powerful CPU to date. At International Computer Concepts we've tested a few of these at their Manufacturer's settings (5.0GHz, Default voltages) and found...

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