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Power Hungry CPUs and “Phantom” Throttling Featuring the 10980XE

Intel’s 10980XE can require more than 500+W to reliably run at overlocked speeds surpassing ~4.7GHz. In our testing we found an issue that was more difficult to spot with the 7980 or 9980. At that time we could hit what we saw as the maximum safe daily overclock on...

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ICC COVID-19 Response

To maximize the containment of COVID-19, the state of Illinois has issued a state-wide “stay at home” order as of Saturday, March 21, 2020. While the evolving COVID-19 situation has presented new challenges, ICC is well prepared to continue to respond with the best...

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The Super-binned 9990XE Perfectly Illustrates Current and Future Issues with Power Draw and Cooling

The 9990XE made headlines in April of this year for being an Auction-Only part as well as Intel's fastest most powerful CPU to date. At International Computer Concepts we've tested a few of these at their Manufacturer's settings (5.0GHz, Default voltages) and found...

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