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Our Competitive Advantages

“Customers are First”

What does our “Customers are First” mindset mean? It means we are not only highly customer-oriented but also always looking for better and more efficient ways to help our customers. It means fast response & turnaround times, extensive customization options, and highly personal sales and support teams.

Balanced Manufacturing

We blend the high quality and efficiency of a large-scale manufacturer with the flexibility, customization, and variety of service options offered by boutique manufacturers. This balanced manufacturing approach – backed by an ISO-certified production line and lean processes – means that we can handle your projects at any scale.

Complete Solutions, Real Results

While every top technology vendor provides “cutting-edge” or “industry-leading” hardware, we make sure that our fully integrated solutions achieve real-world results: from doubling performance & cutting costs of ownership, to solving infrastructure problems that impede delivery of core services.

Fluency in Enterprise IT

Because solutions are only as good as the team behind them… That’s why we’re fluent in enterprise IT. Our engineers have credentials such as quadruple CCIE, Nexenta-certified, VM-ware certified, and more. Our internal developers add further value, delivering tools such as a proprietary account manager with order details, purchase history, harvested data, and direct API access.

Trusted Authority

With over 20 years in business since our founding in the early 1990s, you can feel confident of our trustworthiness and authority. We have some of the highest-level partnerships with industry leaders such as Intel, Supermicro, NVIDIA, and more. More than this, our reputation is backed by our principal values: honesty and integrity. We learned a long time ago that the best way to demonstrate these values is to perform, to create an unparalleled customer experience and build a relationship of trust.

Just ask any of our customers.


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