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GPUs face complex algorithm problems that equate to use cases we know such as AI, machine learning, 3D rendering, and more. A CPU may be used for general computation but a GPU, with lots of cores compared to a CPU, is focused on specific tasks and as such, can perform them at a much faster rate. You can learn more about the NVIDIA GPUs here

A GPU server is simply put, a server, with one or many GPUs inside of it to perform the tasks needed for each use case. There are many use cases for GPU, including deep learning, machine learning AI, rendering, transcoding for streamers, and more. With that said, every GPU server is different, we’d be happy to help you design your ideal GPU server.

Building out a GPU server can be a daunting and expensive process. With GPU servers becoming more and more popular in data center environments as well as use cases continuing to grow in size, pricing out the right GPU server is important. Check out our blog post on GPU server pricing here. 

We’d be happy to quote out a GPU server for you, with your use cases. Enquire today by using the form below, and one of our expert team will be in touch.


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GPU Cloud Deployment Checklist

Modern GPU clouds take significant planning and execution, we are a systems integrator that has plenty of experience with all elements of HPC and we have seen way too many times that planning deficiencies are one of the major causes of problems down the line.