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Never drunk dial again. That is the promise from Intel CTO, Justin Rattner, as he discussed context aware computing and the next generation of personal devices, at the annual Intel Develop Forum in San Francisco.

Combining GPS technology with data from microphones, cameras, heart monitors and brain scans, new apps could track and document your every move. Don’t worry about taking a picture of that landmark; your phone already did because it knows you never remember to. It also updated your Facebook profile and checked you in on Foursquare.

If you can get past the privacy concerns, this technology may have potential.

TV that recommends what to watch, based on who is holding the remote-because it can tell who you are by the way you hold it.

Apps that suggest where to eat in your area because the phone knows you just ran  5 miles and need those 40g of protein to continue your krebs cycle and it knows nobody wants to be around you when your blood sugar drops.

Context aware devices may have their day, and in certain situations certainly have their place, but with the serious implications to privacy and the flawed security structure of the internet, the zeitgeist will need to change significantly for this technology to be accepted.

Then again, I thought American Idol was rubbish, so what do I know?