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Trading Servers are becoming more and more popular with the emergence of High Frequency Trading Servers taking a lot of financial workload. The reason trading servers are based around high frequency & low latency is because of the ultimate race to zero. 

Tick to trade is everything with trading servers. The reason this latency matters so much is because the time interval between receiving the tick and sending the Buy/Sell order is imperative.

ICC can help you with the key areas that really optimize latency. We specialize in the ever important & ever importing FPGAs. The benefits of optimal FPGA setups are orders of magnitude better for trading systems. Many trading applications can exist on the same FPGA. We’re ready to help with optimal FPGA setups.

Other areas we try and help with trading servers are at the Kernel level, we can advise on the location so you are co-located in the areas the key exchanges are and the network stack that is optimal for trading, which in 2022, continues to evolve.

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