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Supermicro has just launched its second-generation GPU SuperServers, one of which is considered to be the fastest 1U (1 unit on a server rack) server on the planet (see their press release).

It is truly remarkable how GPUs are transforming the server industry. According to the white paper put out by Supermicro, high-performance computing (HPC) performance that was once only achieved by expensive supercomputers is now available through GPU technology at standard market prices. That white paper, incidentally, is a great introduction to the history and basics of GPU technology.

HPC, of which GPU is just one vein, is a real growth area for server technology. Every day, news reports come out about research institutions and industries that are investing in high-performance computing to run ever-emerging applications.

The European Space Agency, for instance, is developing a project called Gaia, which will map our galaxy with the help of HPC. As well, The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center has just announced that it is using federal economic stimulus money to built a new HPC supercomputer that will run microbiological simulations.

And the growth is not just limited to the United States. The Business Standard reports that HPC is on the rise in India, with Intel and AMD battling it out as to whose new processors will drive that growth (see our previous posts about the AMD Opteron 6000 “Magny-Cours” processors and the Intel Xeon 5600 and 7500 “Nehalem EX” processors).

With this boom in HPC, it is no surprise that the registration for the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’10), Europe’s most important HPC event, has reached record numbers.

Amidst all of these developments, Supermicro is making GPU technology available to industries that had not previously had access to supercomputer-level performance, which is an exciting bit of news indeed.

Of course, we at ICC are a bit biased since we sell Supermicro servers, but nevertheless we are happy to offer this cutting-edge technology to our users. You can order the new GPU systems from us by phone (or just to find out more about them) by calling 877-422-8729 or e-mailing us on sales [at] icc-usa.com.

We are also working hard to get these products up on our online configurators so you can order them from our web store at your convenience. That is coming very soon!

Update: The Supermicro GPU Tesla 20-series is now available for purchase from ICC on our website here: http://www.icc-usa.com/store/pc/configurePrd.asp?idproduct=3305