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SuperMicro continues to push the boundaries in terms of GPU server deployments and form factors. SuperMicro recently announced an 8U GPU, which, in their words, is the “most advanced GPU server, incorporating eight NVIDIA® H100 Tensor Core GPUs”.

SuperMicro makes note of the airflow design, they note that the airflow design will allow “increased inlet temperatures, reducing a data center’s overall Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) while maintaining the absolute highest performance profile.”

With the rising cost of power in the data center environment and particularly in datacenters where GPU resources are needed and deployed, this is welcome news. 

In addition, Supermicro announced the expansion of its GPU server lineup. With this new Universal GPU server, which is already the largest in the industry. Supermicro now offers “three distinct Universal GPU systems: the 4U,5U, and new 8U 8GPU server.”

Both servers allow for AMD & Intel at the CPU level, current, and future.

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