Small Business SAN

A solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs) or organizations that are seeking a storage system that is both reliable and scalable as your enterprise grows.

ICC's Oceanspace S2600 Storage

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Based on a creative new architecture design, ICC's Oceanspace S2600 storage solution for SMBs uses modular hardware components and advanced technology to both simplify your storage management and also scale to your needs. Backup and archiving tasks run much more efficiently, power supplies and RAID controllers are protected against failure, and automatic alarms are delivered to your phone or email updating you on the system's status.

Achieving a system availability of 99.999%, the Oceanspace S2600 takes advantage of the latest innovations in storage hardware to ensure that your SAN is available when you need it. Though it's full of advanced features, the S2600 is deployed at a reasonable price.

"[The Oceanspace S2600] reduces power consumption in data backup and archiving by more than 40% with industry-leading disk spin-down technology"

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Up to eight host interfaces are provided with the system to lower investment in switches. Intermixing of disks - SAS and SATA - is also supported in a storage enclosure whose modular components make removing and replacing parts extremely simple.

If you think your organization can benefit from ICC's Small Business SAN solution, please reach out to an ICC Storage Sales Engineer about how we can help you with your storage needs.

Enterprise-Level Functionality

Compatible with multiple host interfaces - FC, iSCSI, SAS, and a combo of FC and iSCSI - to maximize your connectivity options.

Energy Efficiency Saves on Costs

Modular power supplies have AC or DC modes for specific application scenarios, components are RoHS-compliant, and energy-saving disks save up to 40% in power costs.

Reliability When It Counts Most

Improved backup technology with snapshot interface and a 99.999% system availability rate gives you peace of mind.

Scalable to Your Needs

As your business grows, your Small Business SAN grows with it. The Oceanspace S2600 supports online expansion for up to 96 disks and 256 hosts.