Mid-Range SAN

If your growing organization needs a reliable enterprise storage solution, choose ICC's Mid-Range SAN with up to 3PB data capacity in one system.

ICC's Oceanspace T-Series Storage

Huawei Symantec S5500T Storage System

IT demands are growing for companies of all sizes. If your medium-size organization is ready to invest in enterprise-level storage technology that is scalable to your growth, then ICC's Mid-Range SAN is the solution for you.

ICC's Oceanspace T-Series is designed with modular hardware that makes it easy to manage your ever-growing IT storage architecture. On the software side, a unified management system controls up to 3PB of data stored in the SAN, and performance approaching 100,000 IOPs means that your data is readily accessible.

"The T-Series' non-intrusive backup and replication technology allows the users to experience uninterrupted high-speed access to their data"

- Huawei Symantec White PaperIcon representing PDF file

Tiered storage across FC, SAS, SATA, and SSD on the T-Series Mid-Range SAN intelligently manages your data and increases storage performance. Your data is maintained with enterprise class reliability, superior RAID protection, and is built for high-availability with no single point of failure.

The T-Series utilizes energy efficient hardware to lower the total cost of ownership of the storage system. If your organization is ready to benefit from the functionality and reliability of a T-Series enterprise storage system, contact an ICC Storage Sales Engineer today.

Enterprise-Level Functionality

Centrally manage up to 3PB of data in a system that maximizes performance with SmartCache technology to reach 100,000 IOPs.

Data Protection

Reliability is a top priority. RAID controller redundancy and automated backup and replication technology ensure that your data is maximally secure.

Unified Management

Intuitive and business-minded unified management that oversees data protection, system management, DR, and system energy consumption.

Modularity and Easy Maintenance

High port density Fibre Channel and/or iSCSI connectivity modules integrate seamlessly into your SAN architecture.