High-End SAN/NAS Storage

Take your enterprise storage infrastructure to the next level by investing in a unified storage platform designed for mid-range and high-end applications.

ICC's Oceanspace N8000 Series

Huawei Symantec N8000 Storage System

When enterprises look for a unified storage system to deploy with their clusters, they need not look further than ICC's Oceanspace N8000 High-End SAN/NAS storage system. This technology unifies data storage and management into a single platform (NAS, FC SAN, and IP SAN) that is both highly scalable and reliable. The N8000 system has been deployed and proven with applications as diverse as high performance computing (HPC), databases, websites, file services, streaming video, video surveillance, file backup, and others.

While the N8000 Series gives you access to many advanced features, you can rest assured that your data is secured and handled in a reliable way. Active-active controllers and redundancy in hardware components ensures 99.999% availability. Many corporations and institutions around the world entrust their data to be safeguarded by the Oceanspace N8000 series unified storage platform.

The High-End SAN/NAS system is intended for larger organizations, but it is extremely scalable to keep up with your growing needs. The system unifies up to 15 petabytes (PB) of data stored into a central management system and also supports multiple file servers. Management features such as wizard-based ISM software, auto-deployment of new NAS engines, and the elimination of backup client software on hosts reduces total cost of ownership and streamlines your IT processes.

"As an industry-leading clustered NAS storage system, the N8000 is widely deployed across industries such as manufacturing, government, enterprise, education, telecom, broadcast & television, and Internet Service Providers (ISP)"

- Huawei Symantec White PaperIcon representing PDF file

With advanced useful features such as the automation of data migration between storage layers according to file access frequency and enhanced back-up performance with built-in Veritas NetBackup Client on NAS engine, ICC's Oceanspace N8000 series SAN/NAS system is a great choice for enterprises.

If you would like to find out how unified storage systems can accelerate your IT productivity and simplify your maintenance, contact an ICC Storage Sales Engineer today.

Unparalleled Reliability

Active-active storage architecture supported by advanced clustering of NAS engines.

Value-Added Functionality

Dynamic Storage Testing (DST) optimizes data migration while applications such as snapshot and synchronous mirroring protect your data.

Fully Scalable to Meet Demand

Up to 16 NAS engines are supported that can integrate multiple file servers and house 15PB of storage on a single platform.

Highest Level of Performance

Supporting clusters that utilize thousands of nodes, the Oceanspace N8000 enables near-linear performance scalability and unifies management of data under a single file system.