The Advantages of Supercomputing with GPU

Superior to CPU-only Solutions

"[About GPU systems, their] unique configuration delivers performance at least an order of magnitude better than traditional quad-core CPU-based servers. This breakthrough technology immediately provides users with the ability to implement tasks that were traditionally addressed only with massive supercomputers or that were simply unsolvable."

- SuperMicro® White PaperIcon representing PDF file

With graphics processor technology, CPU systems can more efficiently perform during complex work that does not need to be done in sequence. The CPU takes any sequential tasks in the application and executes them in a typical serial fashion while the GPU runs all of the computationally-intensive work.

What this looks like from an average user's perspectives is faster and more efficient computing with less strain on your systems. GPU essentially acts as a performance booster!

If you think your organization can benefit from ICC's NovaServ GPU solutions, please reach out to an ICC GPU System Sales Engineer about how we can help you with your supercomputing / cluster computing needs.

Advantages of GPU NovaServ Solutions from International Computer Concepts

Our NovaServ line has a number of great advantages to help meet your supercomputing needs.

Backed by Industry Leaders

International Computer Concepts GPU solutions are backed by industry leaders. We combine top processor cores from Intel with cutting-edge and efficient system designs from SuperMicro® which feature Gold Level (93% efficiency) power subsystems along with high-efficiency motherboard and thermal designs. But the integral component is provided by NVIDIA®. As the original and leading market provider of GPU technology, NVIDIA® enables and empower GPU computing with its massively parallel CUDA computing architecture. Our GPU solutions bring together the best of the best in all areas.

Highly Reliable Thermal Optimization

With an advanced thermal subsystem designed to optimize the cooling elements of the server with the thermal characteristics of the GPU, CPU, motherboard, and other components, our GPU solutions are optimized for reliability and simpified maintenance. Each thermally controlled fan module is paired with a counter-rotating matched set to maximize the cooling effect. Other features include cooling control and automatic fan-speed adjustment through thermal monitoring of CPU and GPU through the I-C bus for operation stability.

Direct GPU Connect Architecture

Direct PCI-E x16 provide non-blocking connectivity to each GPU to take advantage of the full bandwidth of the unit. Since GPUs are connected directly to the server motherboard via riser cards no cabling is needed, improving reliability, airflow, and maintenance, as well as reducing costs.

Advanced System Management

Advanced IPMI capabilities allow the GPU system to be managed directly via the remote monitoring / controlling features. Along with standard onboard IPMI functionalities, the system allows for all key elements of the server system - CPU, GPU and power supply - to be remotely monitored.

Flexible Networking Connectivity

ICC GPU supercomputing solutions includes PCI-E Gen2 slot for additional connectivity with additional PCI-E expansion slots for add-on cards.


In addition, GPU technology is now available for resonable prices. Until more recently, the kind of computing power afforded by GPU supercomputing solutions was available only to million-dollar facilities. Now small businesses can capitalize on this technology. Today you can find GPU servers in businesses and research facilities all over the world - it's the next big trend in computing!