Our Values

Curing Pain and Solving Problems That Matter

The reason we are so passionate about the appliance model is because we solve a real problem that affects software companies and the people within in a very serious way: "How are we going to make money?" Although strict Ramen Noodle diets and 16 hour coding sessions are commendable methods of "lean management," this alone is not enough to bring software companies to profitability. By offering a complete business model and working very closely with our software partners, we know that we are putting food in hard-working people's stomachs, helping deserving companies grow, and creating jobs and smiles.

Community Involvement

We're a company dedicated to serving startups, mISVs and the OSS community. By being in the trenches with our software partners, we believe we can best understand their needs, develop more tailored solutions, evangelize our efforts, and ultimately help more software companies get rich.

Drastic Simplicity

We did not invent the OEM appliance business model, just as Apple did not invent the mp3 player. However, like Apple, we're determined to bring an esoteric offering to a broader audience by drastic simplification. By drastically lowering the barriers to entry to the appliance model, we believe we can create immense value for software companies for whom this revenue model was previously inaccessible.

Constant Improvement & Rapid Iteration

Great companies don't avoid mistakes. Great companies fail quickly and correct course immediately. We believe the only way to innovate is to take risks and listen very closely to feedback.

Design Matters

Design is not aesthetics, packaging, engineering, or interface development. Design is the creation of a tailored solution to a problem, its nuances and constraints. We understand this, and take this approach with our software partners from day one. We strive to create remarkable appliances that are difficult to ignore. With each appliance, our goal is to create an incredible experience for the end user, from the first impression when it comes in the door, to the simplicity of setup, exciting appearance, maximally usable interface and low failure rate. We design to strengthen your brand.