Our Process

We make developing an OEM appliance easy. Our Job: Take care of the hardware. Your Job: Take care of the software.

We Design It

First, we learn about the requirements and users of your product. Then, we help you attain as little or as much customization as you desire. Our team will help guide your product design including aesthetics, engineering specifications, custom interfaces, packaging, and collateral until your appliance is your brand.

We Create it

When you're ready, we create a working prototype of your appliance for you to test and evaluate. Once you're happy, we setup the necessary customizations, and thanks to our flexible manufacturing process, we are ready to build and ship your appliance as soon as you sell it.

We Ship It

Before we begin mass production, you may want to soft launch your appliance on-line to test demand and become comfortable with selling it. We help you do this. Once the orders come in, we can take care of fulfillment by seamlessly drop shipping to your customers and handling returns.

We Support It

All of our systems come with a standard 1 year warranty, which you may upgrade up to 3 year advanced warranty. We also offer hotline and on-site support options for you to extend to your customers, potentially eliminating your in-house support demands to 0.

You Profit

Put on your party hat!