Design Consultation

The first step is to learn about you, your product, your users, and your goals. After this, we help you attain as little or as much customization as you desire. Our team of engineers and designers will help you develop an offering that solves your unique set of goals and challenges, creating an appliance that is your brand.

Aesthetic Customization

In order to represent you, your appliance has to look like you, and more so, it has to make you look good. We help you design an appliance that will burn itself in your customer's mind. No cliché, half-hearted designs. You need to stand out and we make sure that you will. For production we offer a variety of printing, coating, die cutting and custom molding services to make your design a reality.

Custom Interface Implementation

A custom interface is the pinnacle of brand distinction. Your interface defines your user's experience, and your user's experience defines his/her feelings towards your brand. We partner with leading interface designers to allow you to attain this level of distinction.

Collateral Design

Want to include extra CDs, DVDs, instruction manuals, stickers or customer response cards? No problem. We get it designed, produced, and make sure that your collateral makes it into every box.

Packaging Design

How will your client see your product when it first comes in the mail? First impressions are important, so we make sure you make a good one.