New Revenues

As information becomes cheaper, freemium and support based software business models struggle to quantify and sell users value. However, the value of an appliance, a tangible, hardware device, is much easier for clients to understand, making it the ideal flagship or ultra-freemium offering.

Decreased Support Demand

Ever spend 12 hours helping your customer "fix" your software because of a faulty OS upgrade? An appliance, optimized and dedicated to your software, insures a decrease in petty customer support tickets.

Scalable Growth

If you sell support, your support team only has so many hours in a day, which limits your profitability. By selling an appliance, you free talent to work on improving your product, while we supply your revenue engine, which works even while you sleep.

No Hassle

We avoid creating extra work for you at all costs. You focus on developing and selling. Let us worry about the hardware.

No Risk

We make the appliance model a safe choice. No start-up fees, order minimums, minimum inventory requirements, or any other risky long term obligations.

True Branding Services

We realize your appliance is your brand, and like you, we take it seriously. Our suite of branding services will ensure that your appliance is a unique innovation, not just another box.

Devoted to Simplicity

Our vision is to break down the barriers to entry to the appliance model and allow even the smallest software shops to leverage it as a revenue engine.