Our Value Proposition is Simple

We make software companies rich with hardware appliances. We create software-specific hardware devices that increase revenues and brand recognition while decreasing technical support demands for software startups, open-source shops and micro ISVs. All at no risk and minimum hassle.

Our appliance manfacturing covers both Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manfacturing (ODM), although often we strike a balance between the two. Our priority is to synthesize our expertise and knowlege of technology with your needs and understanding of your industry and unique business processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Your Customers Buy?
  • Yes. They need hardware anyway, they'd prefer an optimized, time saving solution.

  • Why Do We Do It This Way?
  • mISVs, software startups, and open source software companies all need sound revenue models. The last few years have marked the end of a 2nd generation of software/internet companies built on faulty business models. Many of these companies will inevitably go under. However, we hope to evangelize the appliance revenue model amongst software companies to rescues millions of dollars of development investments, and build a new generation of financially sound technology companies.

  • Where Do We Begin?
  • Contact us to start the conversation.