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AMD finally announced the new line of Ryzen 7000 processors on August 29th. This is a very exciting development for AMD and for the general GPU market. They’ll be available on September 27th. Being a long-term partner of AMD, we can help you with building out both your AMD servers and AMD workstations. 

The Zen 4 microarchitecture powers the new Ryzen 7000 CPUs. More CPUs from this microarchitecture (mobile, server) are expected in 2023. 

AMD has noted that gamers and creators will benefit largely from the latest CPUs released. It allows for up to 16 cores (32 threads) with a maximum clock speed of 5.7Ghz. There are several motherboards available for the new CPUs and we’d be happy to help you if you’re looking for an AMD partner to build out your solution.

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