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Good news for Intel overclocking fans, Intel’s Alder Lake processors have a lot more wiggle room than previous Intel CPUs. Intel had realized pretty quickly that AMD Ryzen and Epyc processors based on the Zen 3 microarchitecture were starting to dominate the CPU & overclocking benchmark charts. 

We’ve built many overclocked servers for many use cases and Intels Alder Lake CPUs are starting to bring some promise to Intel’s brand for overclocking, regardless of your cooling setup.

There are several important points when overclocking any processor, large amounts of voltage can help degrade your chip at a rapid rate. You’ll also void the warranty you have if you push the boundaries too far. Talk to an expert on building out these solutions before doing so.  

You need to be conscious about the motherboard, the voltage you use, the head you generate and the performance you want when overclocking with Intel Alder Lake but the benefits are significant compared to previous generations of Intel CPUs. 

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