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 In today’s fast paced economy, when it comes to money, anybody on Wall Street can tell you that every second counts. But no more do we see the bustle of human activity down on the floor of the stock exchange with brokers frantically running to and fro to buy and sell. Make your ICC powered HFT server and workstation make great decisions for you faster than ever before. The frenzy of human activity has been replaced by the hum of computers, doing thousands more calculations per second than people ever could and ever will.

In the competitive financial world of high frequency trading, speed is essential. Thanks to the advancement of computers, small, even one cent sales are becoming profitable by allowing a company to be able to make thousands of these trades a day. And the more powerful the machine, the faster it can detect these emerging trends. We want to make sure that your company is making the most of it’s computing power by providing you with the next solution for your financial needs. With most overclocked servers on the market running at a speed of 4.1-4.3 GHz our ICC VEGA series are the fastest servers on the market with speeds up to 4.7 GHz!

How are we able to achieve such speeds? By increasing voltage and frequency we’re able to push our servers to faster speeds by overclocking our servers for record setting improved performances. And to combat the extra heat caused by overclocking we have our very own patented liquid cooling system in every ICC VEGA series server allowing all the extra voltage to go where you need it most: your processing speed.

But our speed isn’t the only bragging right of the ICC VEGA series. Our advanced liquid cooling system is very efficient in decreasing the need for fan cooling and allowing all the extra voltage to go where you need it most: your processing speed. The system is also incredibly compact. The pressurized tubing running over the CPU is small enough to allow the entire server to fit in a 1U form factor (a far smaller space than the stock exchange). Look at our ICC VEGA series today!

-Written by Alexandra Goldina