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Overclocked servers can come in many varieties and configurations. There are several key elements to understand, especially with the boundaries of overclocking. 

Reliability has always been an issue when it comes to overclocking servers and this is why some of the mainstream manufacturers of products void the warranty when you start overclocking.

We have two overclocked servers using the latest Intel Alder Lake CPUs. We also work with AMD extensively. Our Overclocked Servers are as follows:

VEGA R-116i:

8 Cores @5.4GHz or 10 Cores @5.3 GHz.
Find out more: 

VEGA R-118i:

18 Cores @4.8GHz.
Find out more: https://www.icc-usa.com/products/overclocked-servers/vega-r118i/

Our VEGA R-116i is built with the latest Intel Alder Lake CPU which has some significant benefits when it comes to overclocking. The Intel CPU is i9-12900KS CPU is impressive and we’re glad we’ve been able to upgrade this overclocked server to the latest Alder Lake processor.

Our Intel Vega R-118i is built with the latest Intel Cascade Lake-X and comes with the 18-core i9-10980XE 4.8 GHz or 14-core i9-9990XE @ 5.0 GHz. It comes with a redundant PSU and works great for large overclocked workloads. 

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