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NVIDIA Hopper Technology

GPU devices, whether they be stand-alone PCs or mass server deployments, play a significant part in the mining process.

Their pivotal role is in verifying transactions and adding them to the blockchain ledger. Miners need to verify a lot and integrity, as well as performance, is crucial. Mining is expensive and resource intensive, and even more so in today's market where energy prices continue to increase. It is therefore very important you pick the right GPU to accelerate your mining efforts.

AMD GPU's offer a good hash rate, efficient energy usage, are well-priced, offer great cooling, and there are no major shortages at this time - making them an attractive provider of GPU's.

The Radeon line, from 5600 XT up to 6900 XT, will serve you well for your GPU requirements. Ethereum has been mined significantly with AMD GPUs and Ethereum mining is still a large use case for the AMD Radeon line.

Like every technological problem, your exact use case matters a lot. As a premier AMD and NVIDIA partner, we look at your individual requirements and collaborate with you to build the best-fit solution for your needs.

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NVIDIA Hopper Technology

In 2022, NVIDIA delivered its Hopper GPU architecture - designed to deliver the next massive leap in accelerated data center platforms, securely scaling diverse workloads.

From small enterprise to exascale high-performance computing (HPC) and trillion-parameter AI—Hopper enables innovators to fulfill their life's work at the fastest pace in human history.

The NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, built on Hopper technology, is the ninth-generation data center GPU designed to deliver an order-of-magnitude performance leap for large-scale AI and HPC over the prior-generation NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU. H100 carries over the major design focus of A100 to improve strong scaling for AI and HPC workloads, with substantial improvements in architectural efficiency.

The NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip leverages the flexibility of the Arm architecture to create a CPU and server architecture designed from the ground up for accelerated computing. H100 is paired to the NVIDIA Grace CPU with the ultra-fast NVIDIA chip-to-chip interconnect, delivering 900 GB/s of total bandwidth, 7x faster than PCIe Gen5. This innovative design delivers up to 30x higher aggregate bandwidth compared to today’s fastest servers and up to 10x higher performance for applications using terabytes of data.

Discover the key features of the NVIDIA H100 GPU here. Get in touch to discuss your GPU requirements with a member of the team by using the form below.

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