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NVIDIA Announces DGX H100 Systems

During NVIDIAs annual GPU conference (GTC), the GPU industry titan gives a lot of detail and pays attention to GPU market trends and this year was no exception.

ChatGPT has become a craze - even something you might call an obsession - for many. H100 NVL, combines two NVIDIA H100 GPUs together to work on language models like ChatGPT. H100 isn’t a new product for Nvidia - but it applies it to accelerate this specific use case.

The new NVL has 96GB of memory - very impressive - especially for language models. The H100 is an upgrade from the A100 and, NVIDIA recently told the public that A100s have helped to train ChatGPT.

The model uses NVLink - using NVLink - you can deploy up to 256 H100s.

We are seeing many requests come in for GPT based GPU use cases and as a premier NVIDIA partner we are ready to help you on your GPU journey.

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NVIDIA Announces DGX H100 Systems

NVIDIA recently announced the fourth-generation NVIDIA DGX system, the world’s first AI platform to be built with new NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs.

DGX H100 systems deliver the scale demanded to meet the massive compute requirements of large language models, recommender systems, healthcare research and climate science. Packing eight NVIDIA H100 GPUs per system, connected as one by NVIDIA NVLink, each DGX H100 provides 32 petaflops of AI performance at new FP8 precision — 6x more than the prior generation.

Providing 1 exaflops of FP8 AI performance, 6x more than its predecessor, the next-generation DGX SuperPOD expands the frontiers of AI with the ability to run massive LLM workloads with trillions of parameters.

DGX H100 systems easily scale to meet the demands of AI as enterprises grow from initial projects to broad deployments. In addition to eight H100 GPUs with an aggregated 640 billion transistors, each DGX H100 system includes two NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs to offload, accelerate and isolate advanced networking, storage and security services.

As a premier NVIDIA partner, you can talk to us about your H100 and/or DGX H100 systems.

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