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ICC Introduces STRATA Storage Appliance with Lightbits Labs’ LightOS Software Inside

Monday, August 12, 2019
Strata, geared for high-intensity storage requirements, makes debut at Flash Memory Summit
FLASH MEMORY SUMMIT, SANTA CLARA, CALIF., August 6, 2019 — At the Flash Memory Summit today, International Computer Concepts (ICC) and Lightbits Labs introduced STRATA storage, ICC’s turnkey NVMe/TCP storage appliance based on Lightbits Labs’ LightOS® software. The solution is the first in the ICC and Lightbits partnership and is ideal for applications with the highest storage needs, such as visual special effects, financial services and high-frequency trading, cloud and hosting, and high-performance computing. ICC and Lightbits will demonstrate STRATA in ICC’s FMS Booth #848.
STRATA relies on NVMe over TCP in an easy-to-deploy and scalable storage solution that combines standard network technologies with high-performance flash. STATA offers scalable performance in both single node and dual node options, with flexible capacity ranging from 32TB to 96TB.  The turnkey solution offers the following  benefits:
  • Near zero transition cost to the latest NVMe/TCP technology
  • Scale up and out
  • Built with standard servers and components
  • High performance and low latency
  • Extended SSD endurance for best total cost of ownership (TCO)
STRATA addresses data-driven applications that must process higher volumes of data at higher performance and low latency. Incorporating LightOS Software Defined Storage into the appliance unlocks the potential of a disaggregated high-performance NVMe solution to maximize resource utilization and flexibility. LightOS provides rich storage services like data reduction, thin provisioning for best utilization of SSD capacity, and Erasure Coding protection from SSD failures to ensure service and data availability. Using optional LightField™ hardware accelerator, LightOS can improve network processing, IOPs, and reduce latency.
“By using Lightbits turnkey NVMeoF storage solution in STRATA, customers can easily deploy fast, redundant storage with existing TCP networks.  This allows for easy and quick deployment in a wide range of environments,” said Alexey Stolyar, Acting CEO at ICC.
STRATA is ideally suited for storage needs ranging from video to financial services and more.
    • Video Effects:  4k/8k video sharing, ideal for editorial shops and raw footage processing
    • Financial Services and High-Frequency Trading: Fast storage used for capture host, distributed research environment for market data and caching layer for research cluster
    • Hosting/Cloud: High transaction database, storage caching layer
    • High performance computing: Workflow automation and acceleration
“NVMe over TCP, championed by the Lightbits team, is an easy to deploy and scalable storage solution that capitalizes the opportunity created by combining standard network technologies with high performance flash. By partnering with ICC, LightOS will help the STRATA solution make the most of NVMe/TCP so its appliance can span the entire spectrum of business storage needs,” said Eran Kirzner, CEO of Lightbits Labs.
At the Flash Memory Summit, which runs from today through August 8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, ICC will be showing and demonstrating STRATA storage in its booth (#848). ICC is a bronze sponsor of the FMS event. Also in the ICC booth, Lightbits Labs will be demonstrating its disaggregated storage solutions, including LightOS and LightField, both introduced earlier this year.
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