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ICC and Define Tech Launch Turnkey Cluster Solutions for Life Science

Friday, October 8, 2021

NORTHBROOK, Illinois – October 8, 2021: International Computer Concepts (ICC), a leading systems integrator of enterprise-level computing solutions along with its European counterparts Define Tech Ltd, have partnered with Industry-leading CPU manufacturers AMD, to bring a new Life-Science-optimized turnkey cluster solution to market. Featuring industry-leading hardware from ICC, latest generation compute from AMD and cluster orchestration software from Define Tech, the group’s technology experts have collaboratively designed low, medium, and high spec cluster solutions, optimized for a range of use cases from Genomic Sequencing, Cryo-Electron Microscopy, to Medical Imaging and Drug Discovery.

Industry-leading hardware

For over 25 years International Computer Concepts (ICC) has been a leading specialized technology systems integrator with broad expertise in standard and customized server, workstations, storage, and networking solutions for a wide variety of industries and markets. ICC specializes in turnkey and scalable High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions with design and engineering expertise and services that will exceed your requirements.

Latest generation Compute

The cluster solutions include the latest generation CPU options from industry veterans AMD, built to handle large scientific and engineering datasets with top performance – ideal for Life Science workloads such as compute-intensive modeling and data-analysis techniques. AMD’s high-frequency EPYC series pro­cessors, deliver a proven platform with super-fast cores and plenty of cache to help increase time to insights for Scientific research organizations.

Cluster orchestration Software

The goal of the orchestration software is to plug the gap between end-user expectancy, and what’s ultimately deliverable by the hardware. By integrating LMX Cloud software into the Cluster platform, users can log in via our easy-to-use, API-driven interface and simply request the hardware resources that he or she requires to run their desired application. LMX Cloud handles the provisioning, OS deployment, application configuration, scheduling, telemetry, and monitoring and presents the user with an environment that they know and are familiar with.

“The new Life Science turnkey solution enables LMX software and high performance AMD processors in clusters with high interconnect densities while accelerating datasets and time to insights,” noted ICC’s Director of Development, Alexey Stolyar, “the LMX end-to-end infrastructure management platform and maximized performance made possible by the ICC hardware architecture is uniquely suited for the HPC environments and Life Science workloads, making research faster, easier and more collaborative.”

“We recognize the growing dependency on AI and Machine learning in the field of Life Sciences. Our LMX Cloud software includes HPC-optimized capabilities such as secure dedicated clusters that can support collaborative research, virtualized GPUs for accelerating Genomics, cloud-native workstations for high-resolution image analysis as well as integration of the latest AI technologies such as Kubernetes, and Spark/Hail for GATK analysis.” David Power, CTO at Define Tech.

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About International Computer Concepts (ICC)

International Computer Concepts (ICC) is a leading provider of IT technology. Since 1993, ICC has been integrating computing systems with the latest hardware and software components to meet the ever-changing business and IT requirements of its clients. With a focus on technical expertise and delivering energy-efficient and high-performance solutions, ICC uses only the best components available to design and assemble computing systems. Based in Northbrook, Illinois, ICC works closely with clients that include local businesses, multinational corporations, institutions of higher learning, high performance computing and government agencies to equip them with superb systems built for their needs. For more information on International Computer Concepts (ICC), visit

About Define Tech Ltd.

Define Tech is a global provider of cloud technology solutions, with capabilities and expertise across the entire IT supply chain. The ISV is focused on helping companies design and implement their desired technology strategy, by coupling the right software, cloud, and storage solutions at the right price, while managing and optimising the wider software estate. For more information on Define Tech, visit