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Over the past couple of weeks, we have been adding new configurable products to our online store. In this post, I will cover the workstations, tower servers, and Intel-based quad-CPU rack servers that are now available for sale online.

The main difference between an ICC workstation and an ICC tower server is the motherboard (the chassis are in many cases identical to one another). The workstation motherboards have built-in basic sound cards but no on-board graphics cards (the opposite is true of the tower boards). The workstation is intended for use as a personal computer in a lab or workplace environment, while the tower is for server applications.

Here are the current workstations now available for sale on the ICC store (all Intel Xeon 5600-series dual-processor):

  • ICC 7036A-T (4 drives, 48GB memory)
  • ICC 7046A-T (8 drives, 192GB memory)
  • ICC 7046A-H+F (8 drives, 192GB memory)
  • ICC 7046GT-TRF (GPU, 192GB memory)

Likewise, here are the links to the current tower server offerings on the ICC online store:

  • ICC 7036T-T (2P, Intel Xeon 5600, 4 drives, 48GB memory)
  • ICC 7046T-TF (2P, Intel Xeon 5600, 8 drives, 192GB memory)
  • ICC 7046T-NTR+ (2P, Intel Xeon 5600, 8 drives, 288GB memory)
  • ICC 8046B-TRF (MP, Intel Xeon E7-4800, 5 drives, 512GB memory)
  • ICC 4012C-T (1P, AMD Opteron 4100, 4 drives, 64GB memory)
  • ICC 4012G-L (1P, AMD Opteron 6100, 4 drives, 128GB memory)
  • ICC 4012G-T (1P, AMD Opteron 6100, 8 drives, 128GB memory)
  • ICC 4022G-F (2P, AMD Opteron 6100, 8 drives, 256GB memory)
  • ICC 4022GG (GPU, 2P, AMD Opteron 6100, 8 drives, 256GB memory)
  • ICC 4042G-TRF (MP, AMD Opteron 6100, 5 drives, 512GB memory)

All of the above systems have Supermicro chassis and motherboards, 3.5″ drives, and DDR3 ECC Registered memory. We will be adding ICC systems based on the recently-released Intel E3 processor family very soon, too.

We have also created online configurators for the multi-processor rack servers based on the Intel E7 processor family that Intel launched on April 5.

Unlike the ICC 5086B-TRF (more on this system in a future post), these new rack servers are all based on quad-processor motherboards. They are very computationally powerful machines. Typical uses for multi-processor systems like these include mathematical modeling and maintenance of large databases. There are three models available:

  • ICC 8016B-TF (1U, 3 drives, 512GB memory)
  • ICC 8026B-TRF (2U, 6 drives, 512GB memory)
  • ICC 8046B (4U, 24 drives, 512GB memory)

That’s it for now. As we create more online configurators to reflect ICC’s full product portfolio, we’ll keep you up to date on the blog with the latest technology. Thanks for reading!