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HPCwire reports that Microsoft has gathered a new team called the Technical Computing Group with the ambition of “modeling the world”, that is, creating a software/hardware package that makes it easier than ever for scientists, researchers, doctors, designers, analysts, and engineers to run their mathematical models.

Microsoft already has a set of software tools that help scientists in their tasks, but they are disparate and, more importantly, not connected to the computing cloud.

The idea behind the “Modeling the World” initiative is that, while Microsoft will be working on new, high-level, intuitive software for scientists, it will also be powering that software with supercomputing technology. From the article:

Although little of this capability is in place today, the long-term goal is to be able to run a Windows-based HPC app on either a local cluster running the HPC Server, in the Azure cloud, on a workstation grid, or on some combination of the three. The idea is to make the underlying platform transparent to the applications, so that applications can be migrated as needed.

[. . .] In the future, they will integrate support for GPU computing — there’s already a beta plug-in for NVIDIA’s parallel Nsight — and extend the programming model to support a distributed runtime environment for clusters and clouds.

By combining the latest hardware innovations, such as GPU and cloud computing, with new software applications, Microsoft seeks to boldly launch a new trend in science and computing.