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Do you find enterprise storage daunting? When you think of it, is it shrouded in obscurity? You aren’t alone! Many of our customers and prospects often express frustration at the complexity of tackling their storage challenges. That’s why ICC, HGST, and Nexenta – leaders in enterprise storage – partnered up to host a networking and educational event at a rooftop Chicago Cubs game earlier this week!

We had a great time with everyone: beer, burgers, and baseball… what’s not to love!? But it was also an opportunity for us to help demystify enterprise storage.

Enterprise Storage that Facilitates

We understand that your enterprise storage has to achieve the right mix of performance, capacity, simplicity, features, and price. We advocate solutions that facilitate not frustrate.

Our partnerships with HGST and Nexenta, two of the top vendors of storage hardware and software respectively, empower ICC to provide the best solutions for your needs. HGST is a leading supplier of hard drives and solid-state drives, and recent acquisitions of companies like sTec and Virident expand their capabilities and offerings, particularly in the area of flash storage. On the other side, Nexenta delivers scalable ZFS storage via one of the most robust software-defined storage platforms on the market today. ICC brings these technologies together, integrating them with renowned manufacturing and engineering.

Understanding the Market for Storage

In order to provide high-performance, high-reliability solutions, we must understand the market of those we are serving. Enterprises today store over 80 percent of data they collect. With the sheer amount of information being communicated and the rise of big data, organizations face increasing pressure to be able to save and understand everything. In-demand solutions not only allow you store but also readily and easily access data in an understandable manner. Enterprise storage specialists must be experts in more than just technology. They must be market experts.

Consider this: storage systems aren’t just about volume. Speed of access is critical, but some data doesn’t need to be close at hand and is better stored at arm’s length. This is especially true of personal data or other information which falls under compliance legislation—how this data gets stored is just as important as where. It’s no longer enough for storage to be a one-sided conversation: Networks must support the give-and-take of analytics tools and compliance requests while still delivering complete security. Your enterprise demands this kind of end-to-end knowledge from solution providers

Wide Range of Options

There are more possibilities with enterprise storage than ever before. Some of our customers need the most cost-efficient and lowest-latency systems available without all of the bells and whistles of more complex solutions. For them, direct attached storage (DAS) is ideal. Despite stiff competition from network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) solutions, DAS offers an unparalleled level of simplicity and low-latency performance which allows it to remain a major market player. On the other hand, others require networked storage with more intelligent management, such as those powered by Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces.

While HGST provides awesome drives that we can integrate into all of our systems, our Nexenta partnership primarily serves those customers who are experiencing rapid growth and require high-end performance with enterprise features. ICC’s Nexenta-based NovaStor N-series solutions ensure high availability (HA) of 99.999% and unified storage capabilities (NAS, FC, SAN and IP SAN) while supporting up to 800,000 IOPS and petabyte-range storage, allowing your organization to focus on profit, not problems.

Meet Your Enterprise Storage Leaders

ICC is here with partners such as HGST and Nexenta to help you achieve simplicity, reliability and scalability. Visit our storage solutions page or contact us to learn more!