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Low latency servers are becoming more and more popular because of their use cases and the need for speed in many industries. Low latency is important in the datacenter/web hosting industry, it’s important in the CDN industry, it’s important in the high frequency trading industry.

There are several elements to making low latency servers work well. In the High Frequency Trading space, we’ve designed our own product, this is called the Vega R-116i, this has the newest Intel Alder Lake CPU inside and we’ve optimized it with FPGA and ultra low-latency in mind. 

For CDNs, latency is generally at the network level with optimal connections to ISP and eyeball networks. In this space, servers are typically your blade servers for edge servers and original deployments have large storage deployments associated with them. 

For other financial use cases, the network stack is critical. From the NIC at the server level to the switches you can use. There are several deployments at the network level in order to optimize for internal & external latency that you can do. 

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