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US Government tells Companies to Stay Away from Huawei and ZTE

The US House Intelligence Committee announced yesterday that American companies should stay away doing business with Chinese telecommunications hardware companies, in particular Huawei and ZTE (the second and fifth largest manufarturers of telecom hardware in the world). The U.S. House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee engaged in a lengthy 11-month investigation of the two companies. It’s now warning they may beRead More

Information Warfare at Data Center World 2012

Data centers are at the front line of information warfare

Intel buys McAfee: a bold move to stay competitive

Last week, to the surprise of many in the IT industry, Intel bought the computer security company McAfee. In an article on CIOUpdate.com, Larry Barrett insightfully describes the business context in which this acquisition was made. During the recession that began in 2008, and even before it, technology companies have been focusing on innovating and diversifying their services. Google andRead More