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Server Talk Episode 3: An Intro to RAID

You may have heard the term RAID before but been confused about what exactly it does. In this episode of “Server Talk” Alexey and Mike explore what RAID is and why it’s important for your applications and business.

Server Talk Episode 1: An Introduction to Servers

Heard about servers but not quite sure about them? Learn more in the first episode of our podcast “Server Talk”!

Supercomputers, Raspberry Pis, and Building a New Universe!

This week has seen a couple very interesting stories in high performance computing. We shared both of them over our Facebook and Twitter channels. The first was cast as quite possibly the cheapest supercomputer you could build… and it used Raspberry Pis and legos! Ever dreamt of owning a supercomputer but didn’t have millions of dollars to spare? Thanks toRead More

HPC on a Budget with NovaServ and Xeon E5 Floating the Elephant – Hadoop's Continued Emergence SSD vs HDD: Choosing the right tool for the job

We’ve featured solid-state drives (SSDs) in the past on this blog. However, given the recent situation in Thailand and increasing shortage of hard-disk drives, I thought it would be appropriate to feature a piece helping people who are designing computer systems decide when it is a good idea to use SSDs rather the traditional hard drives (HDDs).* The first two thingsRead More

SAS, SATA, and iSCSI – A Tutorial

Yesterday there was a great piece over at TechRepublic on the confusing intersection of SAS, SATA and iSCSI arrays. For anyone who has ever had a difficult time understanding and differentiating these technologies, this is a very valuable resource. Excerpts are cross-posted below. SATA and SAS are storage interface and bus types designed to aid in the movement of data fromRead More

Server Wars: AMD New 16-Core Processors, Intel Sandy Bridge-E

This is a big day for the server wars. AMD finally released its new 16-core processors: code-named “Interlagos” and “Valencia.” On the same day, Intel rolled out its new Sandy Bridge-E processors and there is already lots of speculation over whether or not their extra power is worth the price. But today the spotlight is on AMD. Its 16-core Opteron™Read More

The Impact of Thailand and Hard-Drive Shortages

Everyone in our industry seems to be keeping at least one eye on the impact of the massive flooding in Thailand and the hard-drive shortages resulting from it. If you haven’t been, here is a quick summary: Thailand is experiencing record flooding – the worst in 50 years. Manufacturers are struggling to continue work in the face of suspended plantsRead More

Switching to the cloud? Advantages and disadvantages

With tougher economic times, companies are reducing IT budgets but are still finding the need to replace legacy systems. Because of this, claims a Gartner report released earlier this year, many CIOs have turned to cloud computing as a way to save on IT costs. Cloud computing, for all of its recent publicity, is not new. In the decades before PCs,Read More

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