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Switching to the cloud? Advantages and disadvantages

With tougher economic times, companies are reducing IT budgets but are still finding the need to replace legacy systems. Because of this, claims a Gartner report released earlier this year, many CIOs have turned to cloud computing as a way to save on IT costs. Cloud computing, for all of its recent publicity, is not new. In the decades before PCs,Read More

HPC can grow US manufacturing

HPCwire recently ran a great article describing in a nutshell the potential that high-performance computing (HPC) can have in increasing the competitiveness of US manufacturing. Despite what media coverage about the ailing manufacturing sector may lead one to believe, the US still leads the world in manufacturing output. In 2009, as Michael Feldman of HPCwire describes, the US accounted forRead More

U.S. manufacturing and HPC: A bold plan to equip the "missing middle"

HPC in the Cloud ran an article last week written by Jon Riley of the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS). The article talked about the initiative by NCMS to rejuvenate manufacturing in the United States by connecting manufacturers with supercomputing hardware and software to make them more competitive in the global marketplace. The leap from tried-and-true methods to newerRead More

Worldwide race heats up for HPC leadership

An article in Computer World by Patrick Thibodeau reports how David Turek, the vice-president of IBM, spoke last week about the growing emergence of China in the worldwide HPC competition. Turek said, “Within a year, there will be more Top500 systems in China than there are in Europe collectively.” China currently holds the claim to having built the second-fastest supercomputerRead More

Microsoft responds to government raids in Russia

An article in Computer Reseller News by Kevin McLaughlin describes how Microsoft has been forced to change its software licensing policy because the Russian government has been overzealously prosecuting small organizations for violating piracy laws. In reality, these Russian NGOs that have had their offices raided by the Russian government were not committing software theft. Rather, they offended the RussianRead More

Will China's CPUs soon overtake Intel and AMD?

Like the antiquated American cars still driving on Cuban roads, China’s economy still runs on Five-Year Plans. With China’s growing wealth, the last few Five-Year Plans have been able to fund projects from the Chinese space program to developing green energy. The latest Five-Year Plan is named China Next Generation Internet (CNGI). China is seeking to broaden its use ofRead More

Intel buys McAfee: a bold move to stay competitive

Last week, to the surprise of many in the IT industry, Intel bought the computer security company McAfee. In an article on CIOUpdate.com, Larry Barrett insightfully describes the business context in which this acquisition was made. During the recession that began in 2008, and even before it, technology companies have been focusing on innovating and diversifying their services. Google andRead More

Yesterday's (May 6) stock plunge and computational finance

For those following financial news, yesterday was a crazy day on the stock market. Financial markets around the world have already been on a perpetual roller coaster ride because of sagging economic growth in Europe, especially in Greece. But yesterday, the DOW took its single largest plunge in history – an almost 1,000 point-loss (about 10% of the market) in less thanRead More