Server Talk Episode 1: An Introduction to Servers


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International Computer Concepts is thrilled to announce the release of our very own podcast: Server Talk. Hosted by Mike and Alexey, this first episode serves as an introduction to servers with a basic overview including:

  • Host introductions.
  • What is a server?
  • What are the main functions of servers?
  • What are a server’s applications?
  • Various server components.

Here’s a little snippet from our first episode. Enjoy!

Alexey: A server is a very powerful computer.

Mike: That’s it, a server is just a powerful computer?

Alexey: Well for the most part, yes, but you can get into a lot of details and dissect them and see what makes them powerful. Well, really it’s meant for, what application? What are you trying to do with it? I can give you some ideas. For example, take a look at a website. Where do you think it resides?

Mike: Uh, the cloud.

Alexey: Well where do you think the cloud is?

Mike: Well there’s nimbus…

Alexey: You think there’s a little cloud?

Mike: Yeah, there’s like nimbus clouds and the ones that have rain.

Alexey: It’s computers, a server cloud. They consist of a whole bunch of servers and these servers are data centered and they’re designed to be in specific environments where they produce a lot of power and heat and cooling comes into play. Form factor is different, it’s not your standard laptop or desk top. The form is a special design to keep them cool. Connectivity. How they connect to the internet and how they connect to everyone. It’s very important.

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  • Tim T. 30.05.2015

    I really wish the interviewer would stop interrupting the interviewee. I’m much more interested in what the expert has to say more so than the recollections of the interviewer. This had the potential to be very informative. Another thing: visual aids. It’s already a video, why not maximize its usefulness? I’m not talking about the whole tetris-metaphor as to what a server rack looks like. Components and layout are areas where visual demonstrations would shine.