Massive Storage Solutions

 Massive Storage Solutions Sometimes, size matters. On the front end your company needs speed: ICC’s VEGA-series overclocked or massively parallel processing (MPP) solutions are ideal. On the back end, however, you need something less speedy and more substantial — a high-density storage solution that offers massive capacity without a huge footprint. We’ve got you covered. Space and Energy Efficiency MassiveRead More

Making Enterprise Storage a Little More Clear HGST and ICC Announce New Partnership

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with storage vendor HGST. Part of Western Digital and a leading provider of hard drives and SSDs, HGST’s high-quality products are a great addition to our enterprise storage solution lines. Over this last year we’ve been rigorously testing a number of different storage technologies to find the best options that our customers canRead More

High Speed Trading Systems: Five Critical Considerations What is the Hybrid Cloud?

The hybrid cloud computing model is increasingly becoming an attractive option in enterprise IT. What are the benefits and risks? Learn more about how hybrid cloud adoption can be an effective strategy for a wide variety of businesses that have a tighter focus on security or unique physical presence demands from expert James Sanders as part of a special collaborative series between TechRepublic and ZDNet.

How the Cloud is Changing Productivity

How do Microsoft Office Online, Apple iWork for iCloud, and Google Drive compare? Are web apps the future? Learn more about how the cloud is shaping our productivity

ICC Awarded "Top Business for 2014" by Business Diversity

Here at ICC we are thrilled to have been recognized as a “Top Business for 2014” by Each year surveys businesses in the United Sates. This year during the 14th annual survey, they examined over 1,300,000 organizations. ICC was one of the select few chosen based on their annual gross revenue, growth, and the demographics of their company.Read More

Join ICC for Trading Show Chicago 2014

ICC is excited to be returning to Trading Show Chicago June 4-5. We’ll be bringing our industry-leading experience developing enterprise hardware solutions for the financial industry, as well as demoing our financial IT solutions including our overclocking technology!

IEEE @ ICC – Inquire for Your Tour!

A quick recap hosting the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on May 6, 2014

Welcome to the NUC – The Next World of Computing

The NUC (acronym for “Next Unit of Computing”) is an innovative “small form factor” computer based on Intel processor architectures. It is capable of doing virtually everything a traditional “tower” computer (e.g. desktop/workstation form factor) can do, while taking up a small fraction of the physical space. The heart of the NUC is a 4×4 inch motherboard with a soldered-onRead More

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