HPC of the future

In a stimulating opinion piece written for insideHPC, Dr. Bill Feiereisen of Lockheed-Martin’s HPC team describes what he believes high-performance computing will look like in 10 years. It’s definitely worth a read. His contention is that HPC will continue to grow especially due to professionals who don’t even know they are using HPC. Examples he gives are architects who mayRead More

AMD Opteron 6174 vs. Intel Xeon 5670

In several posts, I have been following the launch of new processor series by both Intel and AMD. While both manufacturers are making bold claims about the capabilities of their processors, third-party performance tests are beginning to come out about who’s got the better deal on a CPU. I ran across one of these reviews on the internet, and IRead More

AMD aims to rejuvenate 4P server market

With the release of AMD’s new Opteron 6000 series processors, AMD is seeking to add life to the market of 4P processors, which has been in relative decline because prices for 4P CPUs are so high compared to 2P CPUs (the “4P tax”). In a blog post on the AMD blog yesterday, a marketing director laid out AMD’s rationale forRead More

Society of HPC Professionals recently formed

HPC (high-performance computing) has become an increasingly-important priority for many industries. insideHPC today announced the formation of the Society of HPC Professionals, a Texas- based forum for discussing and shaping trends in HPC technology. The first meeting of the society is slated for April 28th of this year in Houston, TX. If you want to follow the progress of thisRead More

Green IT: On Greenpeace's article about cloud computing

Greenpeace used Apple’s upcoming iPad launch to release an article about the increasing energy consumption of cloud computing. This article has been getting some buzz by mostly-skeptical tech bloggers (I heard about it via insideHPC blog and Enterprise IT Planet blog). I agree that Greenpeace’s publicity stunt of using the iPad as a foil for their argument was a bitRead More

Intel launches Xeon 7500 processor series

Continuing the exciting trend this month of new server processor launches by both Intel and AMD, Intel has released its new line of 8-core processors, the “Beckton” Xeon 7500 series. Intel claims that the introduction of these servers is the biggest performance leap in Xeon-processor history, with one 7500-powered server being able to perform the job of what 20 olderRead More

AMD launches Opteron 6000 series processors

Coming on the heels of Intel’s production of the new Xeon 5600 processors, AMD has launched the Opteron 6000 series processors today. AMD performance tests indicate that it outperforms Intel’s new processors and consumes less power. On top of that, the price tag is significantly lower on the AMD processors. I am interested to see how Intel responds to theseRead More

Intel launches Xeon 5600 series processors

Intel launched its 5600 series of Xeon processors (codenamed “Gulftown” or “Westmere-EP”) on Tuesday, March 16. The 5600 series is one of Intel’s first forays into six-core processor technology and initial tests have indicated that these processors are up to 60% better than the previous series of Xeon processors. All ICC servers can now be built with Xeon 5600 processorsRead More

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