ICC Builds Solution for NCSA "Dark Energy Survey"

International Computer Concepts, with partner LSI, has developed a supercomputing solution for one of the most challenging astronomy projects ever conceived. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is an organization that develops and deploys national-scale cyberinfrastructure that advances science and engineering, providing high performance computing (HPC) resources to researchers across the country. Leading-edge computing, data storage, and visualization resourcesRead More

OpenSFS formed to lead development of Lustre file system

OpenSFS (Open Scalable File Systems, Inc.), a non-profit corporation, has recently been formed to continue development of the Lustre file system alongside Oracle, which owns and maintains the Lustre code even though it is an open-source technology. Lustre has been and continues to be used by many high-performance clusters for managing storage systems. When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, the formerRead More

How a SAS switch can improve storage management

Last week, LSI announced their release of “the industry’s first 6Gb/s SAS switch”. The switch offers unique opportunities for cluster managers to improve the architecture of their storage systems. The value of the SAS switch is its function of transforming a cluster from a NAS (network-attached storage) structure into a DAS (direct-attached storage) structure. With DAS, storage data does notRead More

Network storage – past, present and future

In my last article, back in 2001, I had envisioned a network storage accessibility from anywhere at anytime. Today we are starting to see network storage pool accessibility using techniques such as Cloud Storage. EMC’s Atoms onLine provides customers instant access to online storage, while “NetApp, VMware and Cisco have been collectively working on a joint Cloud solution …”, wroteRead More

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