Power Hungry CPUs and “phantom” throttling featuring the 10980XE
Absence of Tech from the 2012 Presidential Election

Today ZDnet ran an interesting piece on five technology themes that have been virtually absent from the 2012 Presidential Election. The five themes are: Net neutrality Cyber-security Privacy Future of the Patriot Act IT infrastructure The author goes into detail with each issue, addressing its importance and how that importance is not reflected by the absence of these issues fromRead More

US Government tells Companies to Stay Away from Huawei and ZTE

The US House Intelligence Committee announced yesterday that American companies should stay away doing business with Chinese telecommunications hardware companies, in particular Huawei and ZTE (the second and fifth largest manufarturers of telecom hardware in the world). The U.S. House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee engaged in a lengthy 11-month investigation of the two companies. It’s now warning they may beRead More

Microsoft responds to government raids in Russia

An article in Computer Reseller News by Kevin McLaughlin describes how Microsoft has been forced to change its software licensing policy because the Russian government has been overzealously prosecuting small organizations for violating piracy laws. In reality, these Russian NGOs that have had their offices raided by the Russian government were not committing software theft. Rather, they offended the RussianRead More

Five nines reliability standard

Uptime. It’s all about uptime; ask any sysadmin. Components fail and networks go down. Power goes out. Users download viruses on to systems. Apophis could go to eleven on the Torino impact hazard scale, smack right into Euro Disney, and the call from marketing would be to inquire when the servers are going to be back up. The Black Swan hasRead More

Einstein@Home volunteers discover rare star

When I was a freshman in college, I helped the professor of my introductory astronomy class to conduct some of his research. The job wasn’t hard: I had to look at digital maps of the sky and try to find a particular type of rare star. Open map segment, click on pixels around a light source (star), evaluate if pixelsRead More

Cooling Servers Under Oil

Micheal Feldman of HPCwire has written an interesting article about a startup company called Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) that has a competitive and innovative product in the server cooling market. GRC has developed a server rack that lies horizontally on the floor and is filled with an oil-based cooling fluid. Any server that is built according to the standard formRead More

Cashews, Datacenters and Imperial Pints

When I was a kid, there was a t.v. show called Beyond 2000. It showcased cutting edge technology that was supposed to change the way we worked and lived. I guess, at the time, the siren song of the millennium still held its allure. Then we got American Idol and it all went downhill. I remember one episode, in BeyondRead More

The Six Million Dollar Human (adjusted for inflation)

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology…Better, stronger, faster.” –from The Six Million Dollar Man Memresistors and human engineering. Artificial intelligence and supercomputers. Biosynthetic corneal implants and facebook updates. What do these things have in common? The reliance on microprocessors? Hardly. This technology might soon be packaged into a portable, rugged, ergonomically correct platform. The human skin. From anRead More

Intel buys McAfee: a bold move to stay competitive

Last week, to the surprise of many in the IT industry, Intel bought the computer security company McAfee. In an article on CIOUpdate.com, Larry Barrett insightfully describes the business context in which this acquisition was made. During the recession that began in 2008, and even before it, technology companies have been focusing on innovating and diversifying their services. Google andRead More