US Government tells Companies to Stay Away from Huawei and ZTE

The US House Intelligence Committee announced yesterday that American companies should stay away doing business with Chinese telecommunications hardware companies, in particular Huawei and ZTE (the second and fifth largest manufarturers of telecom hardware in the world). The U.S. House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee engaged in a lengthy 11-month investigation of the two companies. It’s now warning they may beRead More

HPC on a Budget with NovaServ and Xeon E5 Vega Series Financial Solutions & FIA Expo 2012 – ICCUSA Insights ICC NovaServ Rack Servers Available Intel MIC and its Comprehensive Networking Strategy

Last week we talked about the upcoming release of Intel’s Xeon E5 processor family. This week, we have some even more important announcements regarding Intel MIC and the strategic direction that Intel is headed regarding high performance computing.

AMD Opteron 6200 vs Opteron 6100 Value

The AMD Opteron 6000 series continues marching forward with each new innovation building upon the capabilities and possibilities of the past. With the latest AMD Opteron 6200 processors now on the shelves, there is great hidden value to uncover. The highlight and the hype of the Opteron 6200 series has been mostly centered around the 16-core Interlagos, but there areRead More

ICC Releases New Systems Powered by AMD's New Processors

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We were certainly thankful to have a couple days of relaxation. November has been a big month for us. Earlier in the month we released our GPU supercomputing solutions. Now we have a new set of superserver systems powered by the recently-released AMD Opteron™ 6200-series processors. Just a couple weeks ago I wrote aboutRead More

Server Wars: AMD New 16-Core Processors, Intel Sandy Bridge-E

This is a big day for the server wars. AMD finally released its new 16-core processors: code-named “Interlagos” and “Valencia.” On the same day, Intel rolled out its new Sandy Bridge-E processors and there is already lots of speculation over whether or not their extra power is worth the price. But today the spotlight is on AMD. Its 16-core Opteron™Read More

New Green Server Competitor Emerging?

There has been a decent amount of chatter on all the media channels over some of Facebook’s efforts to move forward with innovative technology. The other day I wrote about its new “green” European data center based in Sweden. In addition, at the recent Open Compute Project Summit, Facebook announced its intention to contribute to greater standardization at the system level forRead More

MicroCloud Solution for High-Density Deployments

Our MicroCloud high-density server went into mass-production last month and has been a popular sought-after item. This is an advanced machine that has been designed for companies offering cloud services, but it’s worth keeping your deployment requirements in mind before purchasing. The features of the ICC MicroCloud High-Density Server (5037MC-H8TRF) include: Eight modular nodes in a 3U chassis that essentiallyRead More

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