GPUs in the news – medicine

NVIDIA, a maker of GPUs, reports that it has launched AMBER 11, a new version of a program that is frequently used by scientists to aid in the discovery of new medicine. This version of the program is optimized for GPUs, allowing scientists to use private workstation computers instead of public supercomputers to run the same computational load. From theRead More

GPUs in the News – data mining

To continue our series about HPC (high-performance computing) in general and GPUs (graphics-processing units) in particular, I will write today about a real-life application of GPU technology in business. NVIDIA blog has an interesting mini-case study about how one German company is using GPUs for business analysis applications. Jedox AG produces a software called Palo Suite that uses a techniqueRead More

GPUs in the news – computer gaming and the human brain

Just over the weekend, I have discovered (through my RSS feeds) fascinating new uses for GPU computing. I thought I would describe one of them in short detail here for your interest (others to come later this week). GPUs have their origin in computer gaming, where graphics cards were equipped with their own micro-processors to handle large quantities of simpleRead More

Supermicro has built the fastest 1U server on earth (powered by NVIDIA Tesla 20-series "Fermi" GPU modules)

Supermicro has just launched its second-generation GPU SuperServers, one of which is considered to be the fastest 1U (1 unit on a server rack) server on the planet (see their press release). It is truly remarkable how GPUs are transforming the server industry. According to the white paper put out by Supermicro, high-performance computing (HPC) performance that was once onlyRead More

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