Water-Cooled Server Solutions

According to market analysis agency The 451 Group, there’s an increasing need for water-cooled systems in the data center. At ICC, we’ve seen the benefits of switching from noisy, inefficient air conditioning to streamlined, virtually silent water-cooled options — these include everything from heat recycling opportunities to more control over rack configurations to lower total power costs. Here’s what youRead More

Server Talk Episode 5: Intel Releases Xeon Haswell CPUs

In this special episode of “Server Talk” we interview Emily Hutson from Intel to learn more about the the features and advantages of the third generation Xeon E3 “Haswell” processors

Intel Xeon E3 V3 'Haswell' Targets Low Power and Graphics

Learn more about how the third generation of Intel Xeon E3 processors “Haswell” is aiming for low power and graphics solutions in servers and workstations

Green Energy Shifts in Cloud Computing

ZDnet published information earlier today about a recent survey of 136 CIOs and IT managers conducted by Tecala in which participants were asked about top IT priorities. Of those surveyed, nearly all of the respondents said that virtualization and cloud computing rank at the top of their list. Another major consideration that has been at the forefront of many inRead More

Information Warfare at Data Center World 2012

Data centers are at the front line of information warfare

Data Center Pushing Us Towards Exascale Future

“On the Road to Exascale…” It’s a phrase that we’ve been hearing a lot of in supercomputing circles the past few years. Exascale has been highly anticipated since the DARPA-commissioned report of 2007 and the breaking of the petaflop barrier the following year. While an exascale reality might be a ways off, there are some signs in the present thatRead More

Facebook's "Green" European Data Center

As power consumption eats away at the environment and company budgets, many organizations constantly look for ways that they can harness renewable energy to cut down costs and improve their image with regard to the environment. Facebook’s first data center in Europe, based in Lulea, Sweden, is a good example of the possibilities of this:

PUE can be a misleading energy-efficiency standard

The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) standard is one of the leading benchmarks for measuring energy efficiency in a data center. But there are some situations where an energy-efficient change to a data center will actually register as more wasteful by the PUE. For this reason, it’s important to know the gaps in the PUE metric. Winston Saunders has described justRead More

Floating data center: a ship full of servers

As Data Center Knowledge reports, a proof-of-concept is currently being developed for a cargo vessel to be used as a dedicated data center. The effort is being led by International Data Security (IDS), a relatively new company, which began the project in 2008 but experienced financial setbacks until this month, when it announced that they are continuing the project. AccordingRead More

Modular data center design

Last week, HP announced its plans for a concept of prefabricated data centers called the “Butterfly” for its wing-like structure. According to Greener Computing in their report of the story, “The company’s Flexible Data Center allows a more cost-effective way to build compute centers that can grow quickly as needed, rather than build for future technology needs.” HP is notRead More

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