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In the next few months we will be attending a couple major shows. One in particular is the Futures Industry Association’s annual Expo, held right here in Chicago. This is part of our comprehensive move into the field of computational finance. Over the last few months we’ve engaged in rigorous testing of a new solution line codenamed Vega. Our Vega solution line is a specialized set of systems geared towards the particular types of environments found in the world of high frequency trading and other high-speed financial applications. One of the core features of these systems is that they support frequency and voltage overclocking. This allows them to be pushed beyond the standard speeds of the processors, invaluable for the environments of computational finance where a premium is placed on pure performance.

The ICC Vega Series features up to 40+% performance boost over the native specs of the hardware.

We’re excited to be taking the Vega line systems with us to FIA Expo 2012. Expo showcases products, services and information for market professionals and participants. Over the last few years, with crises such as the 2012 “flash crash” and the recent near-bankruptcy of Knight Capital, IT infrastructure has becoming an increasingly important concern to people in the financial industry.

Expo features hundreds of products from risk management and trading to the latest technology designed to make financial applications more efficient, effective, and secure. The conference will also offer a variety of sessions analyzing and exploring trends in the industry from experts on key issues.

Expect to see more soon on the ICC Vega series. Until then, we can give you a sneak peak at one of our top performers!

ICC Vega Series
NovaServ R-216i
Intel 4-core Ivy Bridge Processor Overclocked Speed 4.7 GHz (over 40% performance increase) Full support for low-latency networking technology, including 10GbE, 40GbE, and 56Gb Infiniband