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Our website has been updated to include our new line of Intel dual CPU servers with the new Xeon 5600 processors.

We are updating our website as fast as we can with the new servers that we are building since AMD and Intel launched their updated processor series – Intel Xeon 3600, 5600 and 7500, and AMD Opteron 6000 (and the upcoming 4000). But, since I’m the only member of our small business’s web commerce department (and I’m also working at the same time on redesigning the current ICC website – more on that later), please be understanding as it takes me some time to update our products. Also, please feel free to e-mail me (agleites at icc-usa dot com) if you find any glitches with website as I’m updating it.

As always, we are carrying all of the new Intel and AMD processors and you can order an ICC server with those CPUs over the phone by calling (877) 422-8729. Next, I’ll be working on finally getting our AMD-powered servers up on the web – these new processors are creating quite a stir in the industry.