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HighPoint, a manufacturer of leading RAID controllers, has announced a new RAID card with extreme performance for a single RAID array. HighPoint 8-Port High-Port-Count (HPC) M.2 controllers deliver unbeatable performance and storage capacity in a compact PCIe device that can be easily integrated into any industry standard computing platform.

The RAID card information is as follows:

Model Number: SSD7540

Amount of storage supported at speeds up to 28,000MB/s: 64TB

Dual-Card Cross-Sync configurations can double performance and capacity thresholds to the following:

Amount of storage with Dual-Card Cross-sync configuration at 55,000MB/s: 120TB+

HighPoint provide the following information in the announcement:

“Performance Driven Hardware Architecture HighPoint’s unique performance-focused NVMe architecture utilizes intelligent switch technology to allocate up to x4 lanes of bandwidth to each NVMe device port. This enables our 8-port controllers to fully saturate x16 lanes of host bandwidth using as little as four NVMe SSDs.”

We have a RAID calculator here to see what configuration may be ideal for you here: https://www.icc-usa.com/raid-calculator/

See more information here on the HighPoint announcement and a YouTube video they announced here

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